What is Pure Ratios Transdermal CBD Patch?

Pure Ratios CBD Patch

Hi everyone and welcome to our 96-hour patch video.

I’m very excited to share how this patch works and the technology. It’s one of our flagship products, we’ve had it in industry for many years and it’s a very exciting product that’s very long-lasting and really helps patients with accurately dosing.

To understand how patches work it’s important to understand the technology behind a patch. and to understand that we have to know about the two different types of patch technologies in the world.

The one that’s about 90 to 95% of the patch market worldwide is called a single layer monolithic patch. As you can see here, it’s a thin patch with a backing where they mix in the adhesive with your active.

Here being a cannabinoid, for example like CBD, and something called a reagent or a skin penetration enhancer. The problem with this patch technology is if you put too much active or too much reagent with the adhesive it won’t stick.

In reality they only last an average of 8 to 12 hours and they can put a maximum of 20, possibly 30 milligrams of cannabinoids. Where we have a different patch technology called a reservoir patch, and it’s exactly that; it has a reservoir where we can load it with a lot more active and reagent or skin penetration enhancer.

To give you an example, our patch has 40 milligrams of CBD and we can put a lot more reagents. We’re getting, after being the market for many years, a three to four day relief with our product. For whatever; using it for, if it’s pain, if it’s anxiety, whatever you need relief from; and then I’m gonna get more localized concentration of your cannabinoids in that area.

The great thing is I get calls all the time from patients that are crying because they’re waking up in the morning with less pain and they’ve never had that because their medication or their herbal supplements wear off over the night. And this is just incredible as a practitioner.

On top of it, the patch becomes the baseline for patients. For example, if I have chronic low back pain this is my baseline dosage. Another great thing is we get an accurate dose product because it’s getting directly into the bloodstream through the skin.

We’re not going through the gut, through what we call liver metabolism – as you might know, changes the molecule and it’s very difficult to dose. We’re getting this long, long lasting dosage.

Another thing that’s very exciting is its round, it doesn’t peel off and you’re gonna pay a lot less for our patch than you are for our competition.

We’re very excited about this product! If you have any questions feel free to email us on the link below and I also highly recommend you look at the link; we have a lot of testimonials where people are describing how they’re using this product.

And us as a company, we’re surprised every day by hearing all the different symptoms and conditions people are using this for and getting relief. We are here for you any time. This is a family which you’re now part of, so let’s grow this beautiful industry.

How I Use Pure Ratios CBD Patch

I take sublingual CBD oil daily; which helps with my day-to-day needs.

I’m also quite active (other than sitting behind my PC most of the day). We live in a rural area with many acres to care for. Land management can be rewarding, but sometimes it really hurts!

In the Spring we planted a fruit orchard, many apple trees and some peach trees; 10 trees in all. I could have used this patch after the planting, but I didn’t know about it then.

Fast-forward to fall and the deer are in rut, and we have no shortage of deer. They were destroying our little trees.

I had to do something, so I put a fence around the orchard. Deer fence 7 ft tall, the orchard is 100 ft by 60 ft by 100 ft by 60 ft. I pounded the posts in with a 16-pound sledgehammer – way too many posts. Up and down the ladder, up and down the ladder, post-to-post and back and forth to the barn. I had to make a jig of sorts to go on top of the posts so I wouldn’t split the wooden posts hammering them in.

Well, the jig kept breaking, a sledgehammer can do some damage – so back to the barn to try again, and again, and again. About half way through, I fortified it enough to last for the remaining posts.

My neck, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and forearms were in bad shape. I applied one PR CBD Patch on my back at the base of my neck. It helped considerably! Not immediately and not completely – but once it got going, the muscle pain subsided to low level. I was still aware of the injured area but not in any real pain.

My advice is to use your normal pain relievers on a daily basis and have a box of these CBD Patches on hand for those times when you need temporary targeted relief. They really work.

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