Illegal when derived from marijuana plant. Legal only when containing 0% THC and derived from hemp plant.

UPDATE: Now legal containing up to .5% THC when prescribed by a doctor to eligible patients. New legislation was passed July 1, 2019, however, it’s added to the confusion.


Kansas is a U.S. state in the Midwestern United States. Its capital is Topeka and its largest city is Wichita. Kansas is bordered by Nebraska to the north; Missouri to the east; Oklahoma to the south; and Colorado to the west.

Counties of Kansas

1Johnson County602,401
2Sedgwick County516,042
3Shawnee County176,875
4Wyandotte County165,429
5Douglas County122,259
6Leavenworth County81,758
7Riley County74,232
8Butler County66,911
9Reno County61,998
10Saline County54,224
11Crawford County38,818
12Finney County36,467
13Cowley County34,908
14Harvey County34,429
15Miami County34,237
16Ford County33,619
17Lyon County33,195
18Montgomery County31,829
19Geary County31,670
20Ellis County28,553
21McPherson County28,542
22Barton County25,779
23Franklin County25,544
24Pottawatomie County24,383
25Sumner County22,836
26Seward County21,428
27Cherokee County19,939
28Labette County19,618
29Jefferson County19,043
30Dickinson County18,466
31Atchison County16,073
32Neosho County16,007
33Osage County15,949
34Bourbon County14,534
35Jackson County13,171
36Allen County12,369
37Marion County11,884
38Nemaha County10,231
39Marshall County9,707
40Linn County9,703
41Brown County9,564
42Rice County9,537
43Pratt County9,164
44Cloud County8,786
45Wilson County8,525
46Coffey County8,179
47Clay County8,002
48Anderson County7,858
49Thomas County7,777
50Doniphan County7,600
51Kingman County7,152
52Grant County7,150
53Wabaunsee County6,931
54Russell County6,856
55Pawnee County6,414
56Ellsworth County6,102
57Gray County5,988
58Greenwood County5,982
59Mitchell County5,979
60Sherman County5,917
61Ottawa County5,704
62Morris County5,620
63Stevens County5,485
64Harper County5,436
65Washington County5,406
66Norton County5,361
67Phillips County5,234
68Rooks County4,920
69Scott County4,823
70Republic County4,636
71Barber County4,427
72Stafford County4,156
73Meade County4,033
74Haskell County3,968
75Kearny County3,838
76Smith County3,583
77Osborne County3,421
78Chautauqua County3,250
79Woodson County3,138
80Rush County3,036
81Lincoln County2,962
82Jewell County2,879
83Decatur County2,827
84Trego County2,803
85Edwards County2,798
86Logan County2,794
87Ness County2,750
88Cheyenne County2,657
89Chase County2,648
90Gove County2,636
91Morton County2,587
92Hamilton County2,539
93 TIERawlins County and Elk County2,530
94Sheridan County2,521
95Graham County2,482
96Kiowa County2,475
97Wichita County2,119
98Stanton County2,006
99Clark County1,994
100Hodgeman County1,794
101Comanche County1,700
102Lane County1,535
103Wallace County1,518
104Greeley County1,232

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