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Pain Management

Your pain is much more complex than society, friends, family or even physicians understand.

It can seem as if you’re all alone and everyone around you thinks you’re blowing it out of proportion, or being overly sensitive, or making it up altogether.

Then, to add insult to injury, you go from one specialist to another and they all tell you there’s nothing wrong with you.

What they don’t tell you… is that you don’t seem to have the one or two things they specialize in. That would be a more accurate statement than, ‘there’s nothing wrong’.

Taking Ownership of Your Pain

At some point, you might get frustrated with all of it and start to think you’re going crazy or living in the twilight zone! Seriously, I have actual pain and my doctors have been useless!

CBD for Pain

Then you realize that you are in control of you.

Nobody else is as vested in your wellbeing as you are; so it’s time to take back control.

You start to understand that specialists are only looking at you from their narrow perspective and their statements in no way reflect your full holistic health.

You’re done with the negativity and the lack of interest by physicians to actually help you.

Now What? For starters; be your own fierce advocate and don’t accept anyone who minimizes your pain. Explain to your friends and family that this is real and you need them to get serious and provide at least some amount of support in this journey.

When a specialist tells you there’s nothing wrong; make sure you correct them: “In terms of the conditions you specialize in, I don’t seem to have any of those specific conditions. But make no mistake, there IS actually something wrong. If you don’t believe you can help me, I will find someone who can.”

Evaluate Your Options

Pain Medications: OTC and Prescription

Nerve Block Injections cause a nerve block, which blocks the pain.

Trigger Point Injections to treat serious muscle “knots” called trigger points.

Bioelectric Therapy is a safe alternative to pain medication.

Chiropractic Care for Pain


Lifestyle changes, physical therapy, counseling; can be helpful.

Back Pain

These are only a fraction of the options available. Research all options that may be applicable for you and seek advice from your family doctor. You might have to be assertive with your doctor; insist that you need your pain addressed and you need help.

CBD for Pain Management

Many people find that pain management succeeds in varying degrees. For those who need more than you’re getting with traditional options, CBD has become a popular choice.

CBD will absolutely NOT cure anything. Can CBD relieve pain completely; yes -for some people. Can CBD take the edge off; yes -again, for some people.

As of this article (July 2020), these are the numbers:

  • 33% of Americans say they have used CBD
  • 68% of people who use CBD say it worked
  • 64% of people who use CBD use it for Pain
  • 36% of people who use CBD also take prescription medications


Will CBD Relieve My Pain?

According to the numbers; you have about a 68% chance of gaining some level of relief.

Is that enough to give it a go? If yes, please consult your doctor; if for nothing else – to make sure CBD won’t interact with any of your current medications.

What’s The Best CBD For Pain?

It depends.

What kind of pain is it?

What’s your preference; sublingual, topical, edible?

Maybe some combination?

cbd for pain

What am I looking for in the best CBD?

CBD Oils Review Logo
  • Reputable / Legit Company
  • Quality Product
  • Grown and processed in the US
  • Certificates of Analysis proving ingredients
  • Lab Reports proving no heavy metals, no pesticides
  • High Value in terms of getting what you pay for

NOTE: The following recommendations have links that will take you to the review page for the product and/or brand. You can read more about it. If I have coupon codes, you will find them on the review pages.

The Best Sublingual CBD for Pain

43 cbd
best cbd for pain
nuleaf reviews

You can’t go wrong with any of the above choices.

What I like about Hempland USA Cannabitol ECS5

This is the “Super CBD”. It’s full-spectrum CBD in a hemp oil carrier and a proprietary blend of 5 highly active botanical extracts that work synergistically to significantly boost the bioavailability and effectiveness of our CBD. ECS5 is basically a CBD effectiveness multiplier!

What I like about 43 CBD

Abundant Entourage! Premium CBD tincture rich in CBG and CBC with a potency that is truly impressive! While CBD is prominent at the forefront of 43 CBD tinctures, rising stars Cannabigerol (CBG) and Cannabichromene (CBC) play a strong role. Each of these Cannabinoids are effective on their own; putting them together in the concentrations found in 43 CBD is one heck of powerful and effective artisan hemp product! 

What I like about CBD Living

Nano-Technology! CBD Living uses ultrasound waves to break down CBD particles into nanoparticles 1/1000 the size of a red blood cell, allowing the CBD to pass through the blood membrane for enhanced absorption. This proprietary technique leads to up to 90 percent bioavailability, compared to 10-15 percent bioavailability when consumed in a traditional CBD product.

What I like about NuLeaf Naturals

Classic! NuLeaf Naturals is one of America’s top pioneering hemp companies. Committed to bringing customers the highest grade CBD products on the market; all natural, lab tested, organic CBD oils and extracts.

The Best Transdermal Patch for Pain

CBD Living Hemp Patch

CBD Living Patch

  • Nano Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract
  • Skin Retention Technology
  • Lasts up to 96 hours
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Latex Free
  • Medical Grade Adhesive
  • 60mg CBD per patch
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • US-based sourcing and processing
  • Organically grown, non-GMO hemp plants
  • 3rd Party Tested and Verified

The Best CBD Topical for Pain

Medterra CBD Pain Relief Cream

  • 500mg and 1000mg Options
  • Arnica Montana, Menthol 2%
  • Soothing natural ingredients like peppermint oil, jojoba oil, and aloe
  • No plasticizers, artificial preservatives, or synthetic ingredients
  • Each bottle is 1.7oz and contains 50ml of Pain Cream
medterra topical pain cream

Best CBD Edibles for Pain

cbd gummies for pain

Joy Organics Gummies

Each BPA-free jar has 30 gummies and each gummy has 10mg of premium CBD. These CBD Gummies are an excellent way to try CBD for the first time or support an existing wellness regimen.


  • Green Apple
  • Strawberry Lemonade

CBD Living Chocolate

This chocolate bar was so good, we almost ate the entire thing in one sitting. I recommend one square at a time, at most 2 squares per day.

  • Nano Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract
  • 200mg CBD per bar
  • 25mg CBD per square
CBD Living Dark Chocolate

The Best CBD Capsules for Pain

Joy Organics Softgels

Joy’s THC-free CBD Softgels are formulated to give you predictable results in an easy-to-swallow format. Each softgel is made using water-soluble nanoemulsion technology, shown to increase bioavailability up to 200% over an oil-based CBD product.


  • Everyday formula
  • Joint Health
  • Sleep formula


You are in charge of you.

Nobody is going to be a stronger advocate for your well-being than you are.

If you’ve tried many things and still need help with pain management, 68% of the people who use CBD say that it’s effective.

You should talk to your doctor about adding CBD to your pain management plan.

Try different options of oils, topicals, and edibles to find the right combination that suits you.

If your CBD isn’t effective, don’t give up; keep seeking relief, be fierce in your pursuit of freedom from pain.

pain free and happy

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