Pure Ratios Transdermal CBD Patch Review 2020

Pure Ratios CBD Patch Review

This post has been recently updated to reflect the current state of Pure Ratios as a company. I hope the rating shown below will improve in the future.

With all the reported issues in 2020, we feel generous with a rating of 4 out of 5. CBD Oils Review understands the company was sold in 2020 and there’s going to be a transition period. If their reputation and support model change for better or worse; we will report it to you here.

For now, I will leave the account of my first-hand experience as-is in this post below, hoping that the company can get back up closer to a 5 out of 5 someday.

Pure Ratios CBD Coupon Code

  • None at this time

Pure Ratios ended their program that allows me to give you a coupon code.

What is Pure Ratios CBD?

Pure Ratios’ topical products combine natural herbs and essential oils to synergistically enhance the Cannabinoid extracts and provide localized therapeutic relief. Great for aches and pains, Pure Ratios’ topical products absorb quickly and can be used anywhere on the body. Products include; transdermal patches, topicals, lip balm, vapes, capsules.

Pure Ratios CBD

Pure Ratios Transdermal CBD Patch Review; 40mg Full-Spectrum CBD in each patch; lasts 96 hours – This changes everything! Read our full review…

I’m always on the lookout for high quality products that work, one day I stumbled across Pure Ratios; specifically, their Transdermal Cannabinoids.

I’ve used transdermal patches for motion sickness – it only took one truly embarrassing fishing trip in South Florida for me to realize getting tossed around in a boat is not something I can escape with dignity intact.

It wouldn’t have been so bad if my father-in-law didn’t have his Go-Pro…

The one I use for motion sickness is Scopolamine, or some generic form of it. It’s been a miracle for me! I don’t get out on the water that frequently, maybe once a year, if that. But, I never go out unless I’m patched – so, I know the technology works and it works for several days with the same one.

Pure Ratios Hemp Patch Review

Pure Ratios Transdermal CBD Patch
Pure Ratios Transdermal CBD Patch

From the Pure Ratios Website:

  • Overnight Relief: works around the clock with no peaks or valleys and nothing to remember for up to 4 days.
  • Peace of Mind: made from legal hemp and will not get you high.
  • Reservoir Technology: unlike other Cannabinoid patches, only our proprietary botanical formula penetrates the skin–never any chemical enhancers or glues.
  • Set It & Forget It: stays on and delivers consistent dosage for up to 96 hours, even after bathing*.
  • Highly Bioavailable: extremely effective application bypasses the digestive system and gets right to work on CB1 and CB2 endocannabinoid receptors in the skin.
  • Synergistic Botanical Blend: infused with our proprietary blend of carrier oils like virgin avocado and sweet almond oils for maximum penetration, and even absorption.

How To Use In 3 Easy Steps

Please follow full instructions enclosed in packaging.

  1. Clean skin with enclosed alcohol swab and let dry.
  2. Apply on or near area of pain.
  3. Patches adhere best to an area with minimal hair and flexion. If painful area is near a bendy part like an elbow or knee, apply above or below that where there is less movement–don’t worry, you don’t have to be exact for the receptors in the area to begin to work quickly!
Where to apply CBD Patch
Where To Apply Your Transdermal Patch

ProReviews Tip: Use caution applying this to a hairy area – when it comes off, it’s like removing a band-aid. If you wouldn’t put a band-aid in a particular spot, don’t put this in that spot either!


Our highly-efficient absorption of cannabinoids is due to the different make-ups of our carefully chosen range of carrier oils. Please enjoy our whole list of all-natural ingredients:

  • Organic Coconut Oil
  • Organic Aloe Butter
  • Sunflower Lecithin
  • Oleic Acid
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Red Palm Oil
  • Shea Nut Oil
  • Virgin Avocado Oil
  • Full Spectrum CBD

Pure Ratios 3rd Party Test Results

The 3rd party test results were easy to find – a link right on the product page, right next to the product.

How Much CBD is in Pure Ratios CBD Patch and How Much Does it Cost?

In this case, not CBD oil, essential oils, lozenges, or salve, but a topical. The same principles apply; just break it down into some common form to figure out a price per (gram, mg, ml, oz, etc.)

The Pure Ratios Transdermal contains 40mg of Full-Spectrum Cannabinoids and costs $18 for a single or $75 for a 5-pack. (prices subject to change). Getting 15% off with my coupon code proreviews15

  • Single; 38.25 cents per mg
  • 5-pack; 30 cents per mg

Pure Ratios Mailer
Pure Ratios CBD Patch Contents
Pure Ratios CBD Patch Contents

ProReviews Tip: Have a pair of scissors handy; the patch wrapper isn’t notched for easy opening.

My Honest Review of Pure Ratios CBD Patch

  • Website: Well done, easy to navigate, easy to purchase.
  • Shipping: Free Shipping within the US for orders over $50
  • Product: as advertised, very pleased with the product
  • Odor: No detectable odor.
  • Easy-of-Use: Easy to apply, no pain on removal.
  • Effectiveness on muscle pain: Applied to my back at the base of my neck, it took a few hours, but after it started working – it really worked – and it kept working for 4 days. Not 100% painfree, but more than enough to make me happy.
  • Value for the money: on the high-end
  • Bottom Line: If you need targeted relief, like the idea of pain patches that last 96 hours (4-days), and you appreciate all-natural ingredients – try Pure Ratios Transdermals – It’s the perfect solution!
  • ProReviews Tip: Since this is not necessarily an everyday use item and it takes a week to get them; I recommend you get a 5-pack to have on hand for when you need it. Because, when you need them, you need them!

Why I like About the Product

  • The company is legit
  • Founded by 2 natural health practitioners with over 45 years of combined hands-on experience
  • 3rd Party Tested and Verified
  • Many products – patches, topicals, vapes, capsules
  • 40mg targeted to pain area
  • Natural ingredients
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Waterproof
  • All products are vegan and gluten-free

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