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Although the significance of sleep is immense, it appears to have been mainly ignored and forgotten thinking of today’s hectic, frenzied lifestyle. Just how many times perhaps you have heard, “I don’t have time and energy to sleep,” or mentioned it yourself? Getting over-scheduled and busy is also seen by some as badge of honor.

Everyone seems to desire to demonstrate how frantic and fast-paced their lifestyles are – and how exhausted it creates them. Of course, this is simply not this is of helping or success to market a healthy lifestyle.

The pure logistics of fitting 36 hrs worth of activity right into a 24-hour time means something’s “gotta give.” We harder drive ourselves to work, faster, and in a continuing race contrary to the clock better.

In a noble try to fit in everything that must be done, we permit the right time that needs to be specialized in sleep to shrink and further diminish.

The phrases, “I’ll replace my lost rest tomorrow/over the weekend break/on vacation…” or “It’s just sleep, that is more important…” are usually on our lips and inside our minds constantly. Yet, there is a fundamental problem with this thought process. When we underestimate the worthiness of rest, we forget that sleep is not a luxury, it is a biological necessity.

For all our sophistication and civilized approach to life, we should remember that our anatomies and brains are usually governed by biological functions and needs. Sleep plays an enormous part in the way our anatomies function – so big, actually, that when we have been deprived of sleep for a protracted period of time totally, we will die.

There are five stages of sleep, each phase has its benefits and properties. Together, all stages enable our anatomies to regenerate and rejuvenate themselves. Every right section of the body is affected – the mind, nervous system, disease fighting capability, hormones, emotions, heart, lungs, and the list on goes.

If you want to…

  • live longer
  • keep our anatomies strong and healthy
  • help our brain stay sharpened and focused
  • improve our memory
  • keep our emotions optimistic and balanced

…we have to recognize the significance of sleep then.

of seeing our dependence on sleep as a weakness

Rather, we need to figure out how to welcome sleep being an ally who would like to help us take it easy to the fullest because better sleep does result in an improved life – physically, and spiritually emotionally.

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