How much does CBD Oil cost?

The classic answer is; it depends!

The price of CBD oil varies from one brand to another as well as within a brand; you often get discounts for higher volume purchases. One leading brand sells for 12 cents a mg for a small bottle and as low as 5.3 cents per mg for a 6-pack of the larger sized bottles.

Think about how you were taught, or how you taught yourself to do comparison shopping at the grocery store. Can you really compare one box of widgets to another on price alone? No, you have to compare the price per unit – meaning you have to break it down into the lowest common denominator of volume or quantity and divide into the price to get a price per unit for the items you want to compare. Luckily, grocers have been adding that ‘per unit’ pricing to the store labels for some time now.

Not only is comparison shopping good practice between competitors, it’s also important to compare different sizes of the same product; as depicted above. The more ketchup you buy, the better the price per unit! In this case, the “unit” is “per ounce”.

Shopping for CBD oil should be no different! Except the grocer doesn’t give you a cheat sheet!

Basic concepts for CBD Oil Comparison Shopping

  • CBD Oil is sold in units of ml (milliliters) or mg (milligrams) or FL OZ (fluid ounces)
  • To compare prices effectively, you have to compare like-for-like
    • Whatever unit each brand is labeled, you have to find the common denominator; ounces, milliliters, or milligrams
    • Then, divide the “per unit” number by the price to get the per unit price
    • Doing this for all options you want to compare will help you figure out the best price
  • Then decide if the cheapest option is the best option; you get what you pay for!

Brand name is important

What most of us do for generic products is compare price per unit between two or more brands. What most of us do for a trusted brand name is compare price per unit for a small size and price per unit for the larger size. We trust the premium brand products to provide the highest quality and to be safe and effective; for some of us there is no talking us out of our preferred brand!

How much does CBD Oil cost? This simple trick saves money!

Most CBD products sell by the milligram(mg), but they also make it easy to convert to other units of measurement. I compiled them all for you here:

  • 240mg = 0.17 fluid ounce = 5ml = appr 100 drops
  • 725mg = 0.5 fluid ounce = 15ml = appr 300 drops
  • 1450mg = 1.0 fluid ounce = 30ml = appr 600 drops
  • 2425mg = 1.69 fluid ounce = 50ml = appr 1000 drops
  • 4850mg = 3.38 fluid ounce = 100ml = appr 2000 drops

Taking the approach of comparing different quantities of the same product, like the ketchup example above, you typically get a better price per unit the more units you buy. This is an example of NuLeaf Naturals prices with my discount applied:

  • The 240mg bottle sells for $0.12833 per mg
  • The 725mg bottle sells for $0.10924 per mg
  • The 1450mg bottle sells for $0.09875 per mg
  • The 2425mg bottle sells for $0.07884 per mg
  • The 4850mg bottle sells for $0.07241 per mg

This shows a very nice savings from roughly 13 cents per milligram for the smaller bottle to about 7 cents per milligram for the larger one – almost half the price per milligram!

This per unit pricing assumes you use my coupon code to get 20% off any purchase. (The code is ProReviews)

If this is your first purchase, go for the smaller bottle. If you are a repeat customer and you know you are going to continue using NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil; it might make sense to buy the 4850mg size. It can be stored for 12 months at room temperature and up to 18 months if refrigerated.

So, what is the simple trick? Do the same comparison shopping for CBD oil as you do for everyday groceries! Compare brand to brand or different sizes of the same brand.

Bonus Savings

If you want to really get a great deal; buy a 3-pack or a 6-pack of the 4850mg CBD oil. Compared to the single bottle of the 4850mg size at $0.07241 per mg –

  • The 3-pack will award you a price of $0.05792 per milligram (less then 6 cents)
  • The 6-pack will grant a price of $0.05370 per milligram (just over 5 cents)

Seriously Important!

NOT ALL CBD Products have the same potency!!!! If you only compare milliliters or ounces or drops – you may fall victim to one of the oldest tricks in the book.

If the competitor has fewer mg per ml, then don’t compare price based on ml or ounces or drops – the numbers will be misleading. If the competitor doesn’t list the concentration of extract, it’s not a good idea to buy from them.

Compare NuLeaf Naturals’ price to Competitors

I’m only able to give you information on one of the CBD oils I use as an example in this post; there are too many options out there to try and compare all of them. However, you now have the tools you need to understand the per unit pricing of NuLeaf Naturals. You should be able to look at the competitor of your choice and figure out their price per unit. No matter which unit of measurement they use; you can get comparison information here in milligrams, milliliters, ounces, and drops.

And then, remember – the lowest priced option may not be the best CBD oil to buy. After all, you’re putting this substance into your body and you expect it to be safe and effective. Trust only known brands like the ones CBD Oils Review recommends on this website.

The simple trick I recommend; buy in volume and use my discount codes! (may be different for each brand)

CBD Oils Reviews

Additional Data to help Comparison Shop (NuLeaf Naturals)

  • The 240mg bottle sells for $0.308 per drop
  • The 725mg bottle sells for $0.264 per drop
  • The 1450mg bottle sells for $0.2386 per drop
  • The 2425mg bottle sells for $0.1912 per drop
  • The 4850mg bottle sells for $0.1756 per drop

  • The 240mg bottle sells for $0.12833 per mg
  • The 725mg bottle sells for $0.10924 per mg
  • The 1450mg bottle sells for $0.09875 per mg
  • The 2425mg bottle sells for $0.07884 per mg
  • The 4850mg bottle sells for $0.07241 per mg

  • The 240mg bottle sells for $6.16 per ml
  • The 725mg bottle sells for $5.28 per ml
  • The 1450mg bottle sells for $4.77 per ml
  • The 2425mg bottle sells for $3.824 per ml
  • The 4850mg bottle sells for $3.512 per ml

  • The 240mg bottle sells for $181.18 per fluid ounce
  • The 725mg bottle sells for $158.40 per fluid ounce
  • The 1450mg bottle sells for $143.20 per fluid ounce
  • The 2425mg bottle sells for $113.14 per fluid ounce
  • The 4850mg bottle sells for $103.91 per fluid ounce

How Much CBD Oil Should I Buy?

So, we covered how much it costs, but how much CBD oil will I go through in a month, or 6-months, or a year? The product is good for one year at room temp and 18 months if stored in the fridge.

That means, if I have the money to do so, I should max out my savings on buying CBD oil – as long as I’m able to use all the product before expiration. If I buy too much, then I actually waste money…

This is one of the reasons I suggest you buy the small bottle first. You need to experiment with CBD to find your perfect dosage, typically measured in drops.

I take 5 drops in the morning and 5 drops in the evening (currently). Let’s expand that into useful data:

  • 10 drops per day
  • 70 drops per week
  • 280 drops per month
  • 3,360 drops per year

Reminder of drops per bottle:

  • 240mg = appr 100 drops
  • 725mg = appr 300 drops
  • 1450mg = appr 600 drops
  • 2425mg = appr 1000 drops
  • 4850mg = appr 2000 drops

According to the data, I should buy one bottle of the 4850mg size. If I buy a 3-pack, I would not be able to use all 3 bottles within 12 or even 18 months.

The reality of my situation is that I take CBD, and so does my spouse, and so does my dog Roxy. The same CBD oil that people take is the same CBD oil used for pets – it is 100% the same product. We would qualify, altogether, for the 3-pack of the 4850mg bottle – meaning as a group, we could go through it before expiration.

The other reality is that the 3-pack is not in the budget. Yes, it saves money over time, but you have to strike a balance. My balance is that I will save as much future money as today’s budget will allow. I decided to buy one bottle of the 2425mg size at a time, which is the best I can do for now.


Now you have all the data from NuLeaf Naturals! This should make comparison shopping much easier, not only between brands but this also shows how much you can save by buying larger volumes.

Just be sure to use our CBD coupon codes to get discounts.

Prices reflected in this post are accurate as of the posting date; we make no guarantees that pricing will remain this low for any amount of time. Prices are subject to change at the discretion of NuLeaf Naturals.

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