Home Remedies That Will Not Get Rid of Ticks and Fleas – and May Hurt Your Pet

Do a quick Search on the internet on natural methods to prevent fleas and ticks and you’ll develop thousands of links. All day long researching these home remedies you can spend. The problem: Just as much as we love using natural options if they work, many basically aren’t able to controlling parasites. In some instances these ‘remedies’ could cause more harm than best for your pet.

Therefore before you add chopped up garlic to your animal’s food or even bathe her in essential oils, have a look at our quick checklist of home cures to avoid.

Bad Concept: Putting Garlic in Pet Foods:
Bad Concept: Burning a Tick off with Lit Match:
Poor Idea: Using Undiluted Essential Natural oils Directly on YOUR DOG:

The Best Methods to Prevent Parasites

Want to know exactly what will function for you cat or dog? Chat with your veterinarian who is able to recommend safe parasite-control products which are efficient for the parasites in your town. Make sure you utilize them as directed then.



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