Holistic Treatment of Fibromyalgia Based on Physiopathology: An Expert Opinion

Points to Highlight

Fibromyalgia is really a genuine painful neuropathic pain syndrome. In fibromyalgia stress becomes pain. Autonomic (sympathetic) dysfunction explains the multiplicity of fibromyalgia symptoms.
The well-informed patient (and her/his family) must undertake the best role in her/his own rehabilitation. Fibromyalgia treatment often requires important changes in lifestyle. Physicians and allied healthcare personnel facilitate this adjustment. Specific fibromyalgia drivers are discussed. Common modern bad habits alter autonomic nervous system balance and worsen fibromyalgia symptoms. Currently used drugs for fibromyalgia are rudimentary sufficient reason for low retention rates. Autoimmune fibromyalgia requires focused therapeutic approach.

A patient-centered holistic therapy aimed to regain autonomic nervous system resilience remains the very best fibromyalgia therapy.

Future Directions
Corneal confocal microscopy will probably become a target fibromyalgia diagnostic and follow-up procedure. More specific analgesic antineuropathic medications for fibromyalgia are coming.
Patients experiencing fibromyalgia have many vexing symptoms; on the other hand, physicians don’t have a logical physiopathological framework to describe the multiple complaints. The aim of this writing would be to discuss a patient-centered holistic fibromyalgia therapy predicated on a coherent physiopathological model.

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