Everything You Need TO LEARN About Idiopathic Hypersomnia

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Hypersomnia is a condition when a person can sleep for 12 to 15 hours but still awaken feeling tired.

Everyone is indeed quick to blame their insufficient energy on a busy function and social life. In a few situations this is the full case, but also for others it isn’t as simple. Day has also started imagine feeling those exact same degrees of exhaustion BEFORE your, before you’ve actually got dressed.

Is it regular to be sense this sleepy upon waking? Nope, which is why I needed to shed more light on Idiopathic Hypersomnia, to greatly help those that are starting to question their degrees of exhaustion.


Idiopathic hypersomnia (IH) is really a chronic neurological problem marked by an insatiable have to sleep. During the night with no issues someone battling with IH can sleep for much longer compared to the recommended 8 hours. The day yet awaken feeling worse but still excessively sleepy during.

Those who’ve IH, like myself, will encounter sleep drunkenness upon waking. I’ve great trouble being awakened from sleep. The morning i depend on multiple alarms and family to obtain me up in. Day time naps whenever you can i will often take. My naps long tend to be, unfreshing and uncomfortable. Morning sleep will certainly reduce my excessive degrees of sleepiness no quantity of prolonged nighttime sleep or additional.

Idiopathic means there isn’t a clear cause, little is well known about the condition, it really is unusual by many and treatment particular to the condition is unavailable.

Just how is my tiredness not the same as yours?

Every, a constant state of experience awake or energized. The worst sort of hangover, the main one with the pounding headaches, the strong need to keep sleeping, all day the type that maintains you confined to your bed. Anything that involves you needing to move or think, requires very much effort and power that you don’t possess too. A hangover is pleasant never, your system is heavy, aching around, but you know that following a good night’s sleep it’ll be gone… right?


My ‘hangover’ it’s still there each morning, and the one from then on and so forth. You can’t combat off the tiredness that is included with Idiopathic Hypersomnia. I’ve fallen asleep mid discussion, whilst eating supper, and whilst working within my desk. You can’t think about anything else but sleep, I’m so wanting to crawl into mattress and close my eyes whenever you can back. To rest my achy body. It’s as an addiction, my body craving a lot more of it. Stats say we spend 1 / 3 of our lifestyles sleeping but I invest two thirds of mine asleep. My stimulant medicine helps me manage my signs and symptoms, improves my standard of living, providing me momentary respite nonetheless it will not cure me. My medicine acts as a plaster or perhaps a bandage.

The Symptoms

IH is really a neurological sleep/wake condition characterised by the next symptoms:

  • 10 or even more hours of nighttime rest
  • Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Difficulty waking from sleep using multiple alarms even, lights, and help from other folks.
  • Rest drunkenness – impaired physiological condition after awakening, which involves confusion usually, disorientation, and bad coordination.
  • The transition from rest to wakefulness could be difficult and long to control.
  • Taking longer, unrefreshing naps.
  • Cognitive dysfunction – memory difficulties, automatic behavior, problems with attention and concentration.

Diagnosing Idiopathic Hypersomnia

Diagnosing this problem isn’t simple. It requires multiple tests and requires plenty of patience to diagnose this problem.

Below is a set of all the tests I’ve had to be able to receive my diagnosis:

  • Epworth Sleepiness Scale – A couple of questions requesting to rate your sleepiness. An instrument to help regulate how sleep affects your lifestyle. This is reviewed every six months.
  • Sleep diary – I was asked to help keep a diary for per month, where I logged my everyday sleep and wake times to greatly help show a pattern.
  • Polysomnogram. A polysomnogram monitors the human brain activity, eye movements, leg actions, heart rate, breathing oxygen and features levels as you sleep, I wore this for 72 hours.
  • Actigraphy – I had to wear a little Fitbit style medical watch out for 2 weeks. This is a non-invasive approach to monitoring human rest/action cycles.
  • Multiple sleep latency test – I spent each day in medical center and I was questioned to drift off at random intervals during the day. Whilst wired up to machine that was calculating my sleepiness and the varieties and stages of rest I proceed through during daytime naps.
  • Lumbar puncture/Spinal Tap – To get cerebrospinal fluid for diagnostic tests, to greatly help diagnose diseases of the main nervous system
  • Blood Tests
  • MRI Scan of the human brain

For more information go have a look at https://www.hypersomniafoundation.org/about-idiopathic-hypersomnia/

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