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This page is specific to CBD Cat Chews and CBD Dog Chews

cbdMD CBD Cat Chews

cbdMD CBD Cat Chews
cbdMD CBD Cat Chews

The Chicken and Catnip Soft Chews smell more like chicken than catnip, but the catnip is definitely in there – I can smell a hint of it.

The chews are soft and crumble a bit if you smoosh them and break them apart.

You get 1mg of CBD per chew and there are 150 chews in the container I bought. The next level up is the 300mg container which has 2mg per chew with 150 chews.

The big question: Will my cats eat these treats?

Yes and No. We have 4 cats, all siblings, 4-weeks old when we first got them. We were only looking for one, maybe two cats at the shelter that day.

4 kittens
set of 4 kittens

After not finding the cats we were looking for at the shelter, I went up to the counter to say thank you let them know we would be back next week.

Just as I approached the counter I heard a shelter worker telling a man with a box that they were full and couldn’t take any more cats – he would have to take them across town to another shelter.

I made the mistake of peeking into the box… As you guessed by now, there were 4 little kittens in need of a home and I’m a sucker. No way could we break up the family, we took them all.

4 cats
4 cats all grown up watching a squirrel

All grown up now, about 3 years old in this picture; they have a great life with plenty of entertainment and plenty of treats.

Non-Scientific Cat Treat Study

In my not-so-scientific cat treat study, I gave 4 cats cbdMD Cat Chews.

  • 2 out of 4 ate the treats right away
  • The other 2 may or may not have eaten theirs later
  • No side-effects or any issues whatsoever

So, I know for sure cats will eat them as I witnessed 50% of my cats liking them very much. Whether those same 2 cats stole the others’ treats or if Roxy (the dog) came along at the right time, I don’t know.

I put 4-6 CBD soft treats on the cat tower every night, the dog can’t get to them but the cats can. Every morning the treats are gone.

Cats and Treats

Anyone with cats knows darn well that they can make you work hard to find the right food and the right treats.

In the beginning, I would go to the store and buy a couple bags of treats. One of the cats would eat anything. The other three were tough.

Over time, with trial and error, I found a few options that worked for all of them.

There is no guarantee your cat will like cbdMD Cat Chews – but you won’t know until you try it!

cbdMD CBD Dog Chews

cbdMD Soft Dog Chews
cbdMD Soft Dog Chews

The Chicken and Bacon soft dog chews smell more like chicken than bacon; but there is definitely a hint of bacon.

The chews are soft and crumble a bit if you smoosh them and break them apart.

In the 150mg container of 30 chews, you get 5mg CBD per chew.

Will my dog like cbdMD Soft Chews?

Who are we kidding? Dogs eat just about anything! Chicken and Bacon are a bonus.

Roxy likes cbdMD Soft Chews
Roxy likes cbdMD Soft Chews

Roxy takes CBD Oil twice a day, so I limit her to just one of these soft chews daily. She would eat the entire container in one sitting if I let her.

If you have dogs and wonder if they will like these CBD soft Chews, think about whether or not your dog has ever turned down a treat.

Review of cbdMD Pet Chews

cbdMD Pet Chews
cbdMD Pet Chews

At the end of the day, we all try to do the best we can for ourselves and our family. Pets are part of the family. If you want to give your dogs or cats a CBD treat; make sure it comes from a trusted brand.

cbdMD Soft Chews for Pets are high quality treats with CBD sourced from a trusted brand. The cats may be finicky and dogs will be dogs; but this pet owner found these CBD Chews to be well received by the whole family.

We know that people, cats, and dogs all have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) and that CBD can be very effective on such a system. You already know CBD products will provide a benefit to your pets, you just need to find a good one that they will eat regularly.

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