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What Does CDB Oil Taste Like

Full spectrum CBD oil extracted from the stalks, seeds and flower of hemp contains multiple cannabinoids and terpenes. If there are no flavorings or other additives, the primary flavor profile comes from the organic compounds of the terpenes. Many people report it to be earthy, rich, bitter, nutty, and grassy.

This website explores many relevant topics in and around Cannabinoid products. This specific post examines the topic of what does CBD oil taste like?

Does CBD Oil taste bad?

CBD tastes like weed?

Natural Flavored CBD Oil

1 %
Like it
1 %
Hate it

I tested popular brands and listed the results below – these are all natural or unflavored.

CBD Brand Flavor Profile
Very Mild
Very Mild
Mild to None

If there was a flavor option; I selected “Natural” to get a sense of the product in it’s most naturally flavorful state.

what does cbd oil taste like
In order of strongest to mildest (matches table above)

Some brands don’t offer a natural or unflavored option. For those I picked either a multi-pack to try as many as possible or I picked the one that looked best. Afterall, I don’t just buy them to taste the product, I continue to use them until the bottle’s empty!

Brand & Flavor Liked?
Very Much
Very Much
FOCL: Mint, Cherry, Orange Cream
Artificially Sweet

The Best Tasting Natural CBD Oil

NuLeaf Naturals

While at the upper end of the strong flavor scale; NuLeaf has a smooth and refined taste profile.

If you’ve ever compared vodkas, for example, and compared the house or well vodka to a top-shelf option… NuLeaf Naturals is comparable to the top-shelf brand in that example.

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The Best Tasting Flavored CBD Oil

Savage Pink Grapefruit

If you want a Full-Spectrum Oil, chock full of cannabinoids and terpenes, but not full of the strong flavors that typically accompany such…

Savage found the right combination for me. It’s not overly sweet like many options, it’s not an overpowering cover-up flavor, it’s quite literally the Goldilocks of flavored oils – this one is just right!

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Should CBD Oil have a Taste?

Pure Cannabinoids are odorless and tasteless; such as you would find in Isolates. Terpenes are responsible for the traditional flavor profile people experience – and they’re important because of what’s known as the “Entourage Effect”. Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and other compounds, all working together are supposed to give you greater benefit than one alone.

For that reason – CBD should have a flavor – because without those flavorful additives you don’t get the full benefits.


Hemp oil as a Carrier

Hemp Oil

Tincture and oils are delivered in a carrier. There are some products using olive or coconut oil, but the most common carrier-oil for CBD is hemp.

The full spectrum oil in 100% organic hemp; my personal experience is that it’s plant-like, rich, a little bitter, like a strong green tea with a pinch of grass clippings.

What does CBD oil taste like?

Does CBD oil taste like olive oil?

No. While CBD oil feels like olive oil and you can use olive oil as a carrier; it doesn’t taste the same as olive oil. The terpenes provide the flavor profile for full-spectrum CBD oils and terpenes have a distinct flavor profile with earthy and pungent tones.

Does CBD oil taste like olive oil?

There are several manufacturers adding Cannabinoid extract to extra virgin olive oils. The good news; olive oil has many health benefits. The bad news; it doesn’t taste like olive oil. The terpenes will overpower the mild olive oil flavors.

One benefit of using olive oil as the carrier is the great mouth feel or the way it coats your tongue.


CBD Concentrates

Concentrates are the purest form of cannabinoids. Some types of concentrates include:

  • Wax
  • Slab
  • Shatter (a type of wax)

All the concentrate types above are intended to be smoked or vaped; so the flavor is inhaled. There are many flavor profiles like Blueberry, Pineapple Express, Watermelon, Mint Chocolate, and even Girl Scout Cookies!


CBD Isolate

If you don’t, or think you won’t, enjoy earthy flavor and you are not inclined to use capsules; try Isolates. An isolate is flavorless, has no odor, and is intended to be used as an additive to food or or juice, or used as a tincture. Usually sold in the form of a powder or slab. You can use Isolate to make homemade Cannabinoid products.

Do NOT take isolates by themselves – they must be mixed with something – food, drink, oils, etc.

Lazarus Naturals makes an Isolate Tincture in Flavorless, Blood Orange (my favorite), Tropical Breeze and Wintermint.


In a Vape Cartridge?

No more Vaping!

First, please don’t vape anything anymore! Consider trying sublingual ingestion of instead, you can learn more about sublingual oil here.

Vaping cartridges are designed to have a variety of flavors to enhance the vaping experience. Some of the Vape flavors include orange cream, mints, vanilla, pineapple, gelato(?), fruit smoothie, strawberry, and many more.



CBD Tinctures

According to Wikipedia, A tincture is typically an extract of plant or animal material dissolved in ethanol (ethyl alcohol).

CBD tinctures typically contain alcohol, water, Cannabinoids, flavorings, and other additives. There are several flavor options available including natural, Cinnamint, and Grape Mint.

Choosing between oil and tinctures is a matter of personal preference; they are both ingested sublingually or added to food or drinks. Adding alcohol, flavorings, and other additives may help those who don’t appreciate the earthiness of CBD. While, purists may prefer a more natural option, free of alcohol and other additives.

These days it seems most companies call all sublingual drops Oils and Tinctures interchangeably. Most products labeled as “Tinctures” do not contain alcohol.


How About Edibles?

CBD gummies

A recent trend in CBD consumption is Edibles. Edibles can be any product from beverages to mints to gummies; basically, anything you can eat, drink or chew.

Popular edibles include gummies, beverages, and chocolate. An interesting one is peanut butter! I think I’d like to try that one…

Choose from Peppermint, Citrus, Mixed Berry, Lemon Lime, Coffee, Chocolate, and a large variety of other flavors.


Cannabinoids in Flower Form?

CBD flower is cannabis bud containing low levels of THC and is intended to be smoked or vaped. It’s generally considered to have an inhaled flavor similar to smoking normal THC bud.

Also, similar to traditional bud, varieties and quality will vary considerably.

what does cbd oil taste like

In addition to offering the standard health advantages, CBD flower is often used to help bring people down from a THC high.


Does CBD oil affect taste buds?

The simple answer is, No – CBD oil doesn’t affect taste-buds. More specifically, the more you ingest anything, the more you acquire the taste. And, of course, in the short term after ingesting CBD oil your taste-buds may be effected as the flavors linger – but in the long term there are neither positive or negative effects.


What does CBD oil taste like

The bottom line is that you will either hate the taste of CBD or you will tolerate it – not many people love it!

For those of you who can tolerate it, the recommended option is natural flavor Full-Spectrum hemp oil in a concentrated high potency formula, place drops under the tongue, hold, then swallow. For those who can’t stomach the earthy tones, try to see if you can ‘acquire’ the taste – it’s worth it.

As a last resort; go for flavored oil, flavorless isolates, capsules, transdermal patches, an edible or a tincture – vaping and smoking are not recommended.


Our Tips

  • First, just taste it, you might even like it!
  • Absorption is best with sublingual application
  • Capsules are an option to avoid tasting anything
  • It can be added to food or mixed with drinks
  • There are many methods to mask the taste
  • Give suppliers your email address – they will send you specials and news – coupons, free shipping, etc.
  • Put one or more options in your cart and move forward – you won’t know until you know!

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