CBD Dosage – how much CBD should I take?

With so much conflicting information out there about CBD, the question many people ask is: How much CBD should I take?

CBD Dosing General Guidelines

There are some generally accepted guidelines for starting to use CBD, but determining your dose may require some work at first. Start with a low dosage as a starting point, only once a day, and modify the dosage from there. As you notice how it interacts with your body, you can increase or decrease the dose over time.

A good rule-of-thumb is, “low and slow”.

Low and Slow!

Always choose what works for you and your body, and remember that everyone is different. CBD oil may be the most effective delivery method of using cannabinoids, especially if you put drops of oil under your tongue for up to 90 seconds or as recommended by the manufacturer.

If you happen to change your delivery method, you’ll need to adjust your dose according to its bioavailability. In this post we touch on how to find the right dose of CBD oil for you, and we don’t spend much time on other delivery methods.

In fact, we strongly recommend that you never inhale anything into your lungs unless specifically prescribed by a physician.

No more Vaping!

Before you experiment with CBD and how to dose properly, you need to find a reputable place to buy it. You want to make sure that it comes from an ultra-high quality hemp plant so that you get the highest quality supplement available. Proper CBD dosing is important because you can maximize the effect of the substance by using the minimum amount you need, which will save you money.

Not all CBD is produced in the same way, and in order to get most benefit, you need to know that you’re getting the best possible dose of CBD oil available to you. This website reviews the top brands, you can read our recommendations from the CBD Reviews section.

CBD Oils Review
CBD Oils Review

Nevertheless, there are a few common dosage strategies that may work for you. It’s always best to contact your physician to ask him/her to recommend a dose for your condition. Start your journey by taking just one drop on the first day and finding the right effect that suits your needs.

Due to the nature of CBD consumption the dosages are approximate and highly subjective. Many find that gradually increasing the dose is the best way to achieve the desired effects of CBD. A gradual increase in the CBD dose has no known side effects, and an increase in the dose is generally safe and in some cases beneficial.

CBD gummies, capsules and pills tell you how much CBD is in a unit, but it can be difficult to figure out what amount will be contained in a drop of oil. Different sized bottles, different total amounts of CBD per bottle, not all the suppliers give you a mg amount per drop.

Don’t worry, we have you covered! Our guide to CBD Oil pricing also holds great information on calculating the amount of CBD per drop based on size of bottle and overall CBD content.

CBD Dosage

CBD Oils Review compiled data from multiple reputable sources and created the following infographic:

Infographic CBD Oil Suggested Dosage Guide
CBD Dosage Guide

The chart is for high-level reference only. These are considered the amounts you should slowly work up to based on weight and condition severity, not your starting points.

I personally weigh about 150 pounds and I take 25mg sublingually twice a day for medium-level anxiety. So my CBD dosage for anxiety mg is 50. I’m right on the line between two weight categories; remember – this is all approximation and experimentation – you have to find what’s right for you.

Metabolized, Absorbed, Sublingual CBD

The chart above, and other reference material or CBD dosage calculator may not take into consideration the difference between CBD that is swallowed (and then must be metabolized), or CBD that absorbs through the skin like a transdermal patch, ointment, or lotion, and CBD taken by placing oil drops under the tongue.

CBD Oil, topicals, edibles

So, how do you figure out how to dose across multiple delivery methods? Very carefully! Try not to mix and match. Find the best one or two methods that work best for you.

Remember; sublingual CBD drops take effect quickly but fade more quickly. CBD that’s ingested takes longer to reach full effectiveness but the results last longer. Topicals are somewhere in between sublingual and edibles.

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