When Should You Replace Your Mattress?

A mattress has an average lifespan of eight years according to the National Sleep Foundation. You may get more or less time depending on the quality and type of mattress that you buy. A high-quality mattress is likely going to last longer.

Cannabinoids & Cancer in the Clinic

“I’ve been an oncologist in San Francisco for thirty-six years now, and I venture to say that most of the cancer patients I’ve taken care of have used cannabis,” Abrams said … Instead of writing prescriptions for five or six pharmaceuticals that all could interact with each other or the chemotherapy I prescribe, I can recommend one very safe botanical.”

CBDA — The Raw Story

the planet has fallen deeply in love with cannabidiol (CBD). Perhaps the greatest uptake has been around countries just like the UK and USA where nearly 10% of the populace admit to presenting tried CBD oil. A lot of people most likely believe that the cannabis or hemp plant life used to create their CBD products are available dripping in the miracle molecule …

The Best CBD for Anxiety

CBD for Stress

Do you have anxiety or stress? Ever tried CBD? If not, you might want to give it a try – it won’t hurt and it might help! Premium brands offer money-back guarantees; what do you have to lose?

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