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Who am I and why do you care? All good questions, hopefully this page can be of assistance.

First, what I am not

  • In terms of being an Internet guru, I am not that person.
  • As far as trying to quit my day job and make a living doing things like this; I am not that person either. That is not to say I prefer less money. Making more money is one of the primary goals in life for most of us.
  • Social Media; Not great at it, but I’m trying
  • Fame; nope, I am not known – at all
  • Public speaker / lecturer; no thank you

Please don’t take my need for privacy as an insult in any way or allow it to create distrust. Videos and other media I create will intentionally not show me, anyone from my family, or where we live.

The best I can offer in terms of “selling myself” to you in an attempt to establish trust is to show my work. Remember back in grade school math – you would get dinged if all you wrote down was an answer? The teacher wanted to see your work, so there was no question as to how you arrived at the answer.

Many of the pages on this site are dedicated to exactly that endeavor; showing my work!

Now, some things that I do identify with

  • General curiosity
  • Problem-solving
  • Creative thinking
  • Out-of-the-box solutioning
  • Trial and error
  • Pursuit of doing better
  • And, yes, an introvert

And, believe it or not, I like the taste of CBD oil!

Why do I do this?

All journeys start somewhere, and with any luck they also come to a close with some value added – be it a journey to cross geographies, a college degree, or even lesser journeys such as this one. The value I gain in a journey like this is multi-purpose. I receive benefits in terms of a creative outlet. I get benefit from the products I try. And, yes, every once in a while these websites make more money than is required to keep them going. I will take that bonus and use it for good – typically reinvesting in this website or a similar site.

What’s in it for you?

Whether or not one of my recommendations has an affiliate program or not, my recommendations are not tied to compensation. You should expect an in-depth analysis of the products and services I review combined with the data to back it up. Your criteria may differ from mine, so you can use the data points to help decide winners for yourself.


I don’t receive endorsement or compensation from Amazon or the charity listed below, this section is purely informational.

Support your favorite charity at no extra cost when you shop at smile.amazon.com.

When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon donates 0.5% of your AmazonSmile purchase price to the charitable organization of your choice.

Our family supports Operation Orphan Wildlife Rehabilitation

Operation Orphan Wildlife Rehabilitation Inc is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization and does not receive federal funding. They are supported entirely through private donations, memberships, and proceeds from educational programs.

If you want to help Operation Orphan Wildlife Rehabilitation, click this link and sign up:

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