The one and only website with people actually buying CBD products; then writing comprehensive and clear reviews.

We analyze a small number of brands in the industry that we trust to be premium quality with strong reputations and transparency in sourcing, manufacturing, and testing.

The reason we created the site is simple

Molecular view of CBD and Hemp

We want to make sure you’re educated and we want to make sure you’re introduced to several premium Cannabinoid options that are safe and effective. The CBD market is like the wild west; start-ups, bankruptcies, scams, and misinformation. We are some no-nonsense folks who have little interest in pursuing questionable products. We are consumers of CBD products and we wouldn’t recommend anything we haven’t tried for ourselves!

Why use CBD at all?

We believe in research and science which collectively agree on the fact that CBD is a beneficial supplement with few, if any, side-effects. CBD has the potential to help you with many ailments; pain relief, anxiety, insomnia – to name a few.

The extracts derived from the hemp plant are being used in new and innovative ways everyday. You’re here – so, you have at least some interest. Stay tuned because the industry is just getting started!

We can help!

Whether this is your first time considering CBD or you’re well-experienced, there are many nuances to consider – and we can help you sort through it all.

We value safety and quality as much as you do. CBD Oils Review is proud to provide you with candid and open reviews, covering the most important information you need to know about leading CBD brands. Reading our reviews, you can get insight into potency, price, quality, shipping experiences, production processes and flavors of oils across several brands.

We also provide general information and educational posts to help folks weed through Cannabinoids in general (pun intended).

CBD Oil Suggested Dosage Guide
Infographic Chart for Dosage Guidelines of CBD

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How much? Very little, quite honestly. All funds collected are invested back into the website. When we say “we actually buy the products”, we are serious. We go through all the motions; we contact customer service, try out the website, order online, experience the shipping process, and we use the products.

Meet Our Team

Everyone at CBD Oils Review strives for high-quality, deeply-researched, and impartial reviews of CBD products and brands. Our professionals believe in the power of hemp-derived products.

James Swearingen

Professional Product Reviews and part-time Blogger
Environmentalist | Animal Activist | Advocate for those in Need
Constantly seeking Peace and Calmness of the mind

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Webmaster, Primary Reviewer of products
Consuming CBD Oils since June 2019

Jim Swearingen

Myron Blank

Myron Blank

Full-time Student, Blogger, and works at FN-Hemp
Photography, Animals, Environment, Tolerance

“..Hate cannot drive out hate; Love can do that.” Martin Luther King

Contributing Blogger
Using CBD products since April 2016

Charles Mackey

Part-time Blogger and CBD enthusiast.
Passionate for preservation of all life.
Living with anxiety and depression.


Contributing Blogger
Using CBD for anxiety since October 2018

Charlie Mackey

jessie owens

Jessie Owens

Living my Colorado life!
Hemp Ambassador, entrepreneur
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Contributing editor, marketing
CBD enthusiast since April 2016

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