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My Journey to NuLeaf Naturals

I’m no stranger to the same issues many of you face; chronic pain, trouble sleeping, anxiety. When I finally decided to take matters into my own hands and help myself rather than rely on someone else to fix me, one of the things I found was CBD Oil.

My experience with doctors is that #1; if you don’t suffer from the one or two things they specialize in, they tell you nothing is wrong. That translates to ‘there is nothing wrong with you that I can fix’. Most people hear that nothing is wrong and believe they may be crazy for continuing to experience symptoms, when the truth is simply the doctor is an idiot. And, #2; no doctor cares about you as much as you care about you, so be your own best advocate.

Laura from NuLeaf Naturals

If you want to read more of my personal journey, please see my beginners guide to CBD Oil. Suffice to say, I spent hours online looking for the best CBD Oil available – and luckily, I found it. I am so impressed with the quality and potency of the CBD Oil by NuLeaf Naturals that I started corresponding with Laura, customer service expert and brand ambassador for NuLeaf Naturals.

What started out as a few emails and Q&A to help me along my journey turned into an idea for an interview; an opportunity to ask questions that continue help me but also might help you. The following is not a live interview, rather a compilation of correspondence.

Insider’s Guide to NuLeaf Naturals

Today, I’m talking with Laura from NuLeaf Naturals.  Please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to work at NuLeaf Naturals.

I’m a huge advocate for plant and natural remedies. When I started researching CBD oil, I found NuLeaf Naturals, and they represented everything I was looking for in a quality CBD oil.

A couple weeks later, I saw they were hiring and I applied immediately. I started on their Expert Customer Service Team, but now I’m pioneering their Brand Ambassador department.

What do you like about the company?

This is the most generous and authentic company I ‘ve ever worked for. We are growing so quickly, yet our priority remains the same; our customer’s relief.

NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil

How did NuLeaf Naturals get started?

The owners are both plant medicine aficionados and created NuLeaf Naturals in 2014, when hemp was first relegalized. Though it is a young industry, we are definitely one of the grandfathers.

Do you have any significant success stories you can share?

I have at least one call a day that brings tears of joy to my eyes with how our oil has brought relief to others. A favorite story is a customer who used our oil on his eyelids for 3 weeks and his cataracts cleared up!

Does NuLeaf Naturals have any plans to launch new products or expand in the future?

Yes! NuLeaf Naturals is releasing soft gel caps by the end of this year. They will be our same high quality, high potency, full spectrum, organic CBD oil, but contained in a vegan gel cap.

UPDATE: Gel Caps Released!


What are the top 3 things people ask you about, specific to NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil?

  1. What is the dosage? (this question is pretty common to all CBD oil, but since ours is high potency it is important to understand customers often have to take about half as much with our oil than with other companies)
  2. What does full spectrum mean and why do we only sell this?
  3. What do we use as our carrier oil/any flavorings?

Let’s talk about those three top questions.  You mentioned that NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil is high potency, so what advice do you give people when they ask about recommended dosage?

CBD dosage is different for everyone, so we encourage our customers to find the amount and time of day that works best for them. We suggest starting at 5 drops twice a day to determine the right dosage and timing for you.

Some people take less and some people take more, and we encourage each customer to experiment to find their sweet spot.

And, since many people ask, what is “Full Spectrum”, what do you usually tell them?

Full spectrum indicates the hemp extract contains multiple cannabinoids and terpenes, including less than 0.3% THC. This is different from “broad spectrum” which does not contain THC, and “CBD isolate” which is solely the CBD molecule.

Full Spectrum is important because of the synergistic relationship between all the cannabinoids and terpenes called the “entourage effect” where all of these molecules work together to bring the most benefits to the body.

CBD and THC specifically work together in a way that improves the effectiveness of the CBD, which is why we believe full spectrum formulas to be the best choice.

And, how about the question of carrier oil or flavorings?

We use only cold-pressed hemp seed oil as our carrier oil. No flavorings or any other additives.

OK, now that we talked about the most common questions from customers, I have a few of my own.  First, what makes your CBD Oil better than others?

We provide one of the most potent and pure full spectrum, organic CBD oils on the market. Our plants are female-only therapeutic hemp, which produce a rich and high potency cannabinoid and terpene profile through our CO2 extraction.

This extraction method is the cleanest and most effective means to achieve the purest product with the highest potency. We also use only cold-pressed hemp seed oil as our carrier oil, which works in synergy with the cannabinoids to produce and even more effective formula.

The only ingredient in our entire formula is hemp in these two forms: the high potency cannabinoid hemp extract, and the cold-pressed hemp seed oil.

Is NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil natural and organic?

Yes, NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil is 100% organic and natural.

Do you source Hemp from local farmers who use sustainable farming?

Yes, we have a wonderful relationship with our farm and they use sustainable and organic farming methods.

Is the hemp you use grown and processed in the United States?

Yes, our farm is in Colorado Springs, and we bottle and ship from Denver, Colorado.

Is there an optimal time of day to take CBD?

CBD dosage is different for everyone, so we encourage our customers to find the amount and time of day that works best for them. We suggest starting at 5 drops twice a day to determine the right dosage and timing for you.

Is it OK to take CBD Oil on an empty stomach or with food?

Since our oil is a sublingual tincture, most of the oil should absorb under the tongue and very little should move through the digestive system, thus causing no restrictions on food before or after taking the oil.

Our oil can also be added to cold food and beverages like smoothies and salad dressings.

Is it safe?  Will CBD have any interactions with prescription drugs?

Yes, our full spectrum, organic CBD oil is safe. There is no risk of overdose, toxicity or addiction. Research is still developing on how CBD interacts with prescription drugs.

At this time, most studies are conducted with CBD isolate as opposed to full spectrum CBD, however we understand that CBD can sometime increase or decrease the effectiveness of certain medications, specifically if there is a limitation about consuming grapefruit.

We always advise checking with your medical provider before adding a new supplement to your diet.

Can CBD Oil be consumed other ways?  Like rubbing on skin or put into food or drinks?

NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil can be applied topically and used in food or drinks.

I love using our oil as a topical. I use it on its own or I add it to my favorite massage oil, lotion or cream. It is wonderful for localized pain and skin conditions.

Our oil can also be added to cold food and drinks like smoothies or salad dressings. It is best not to heat our oil to maintain its optimal potency.

How should I store my CBD Oil; room temperature or fridge?

We use a premium type of glass that blocks the entire spectrum of light except for the ultra-violet and infra-red light.

This unique combination offers optimal protection against the aging processes that are released by visible light, thus lengthening the durability and potency of our CBD oil.

It also protects our oil up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Without refrigeration, the product will last for 12 months.

Refrigeration is completely optional but will extend the shelf life of the product to 18 months.

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In terms of household safety; should I have any concern about children or pets ingesting my CBD Oil?

Our CBD oil is safe for pets and children, though the dosage recommendation is different than for human adults.

With pets the dosage recommendation is 1-2 drops per 25 lbs, once to twice a day. For pets and children, we always recommend starting low and increasing slow.

Will taking NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil cause me to fail a drug test?

When consuming ANY cannabis product there is a chance you could test positive with a blood or urine analysis.

Our oil can be used topically without any risk of a positive test; however, we always advise letting your doctor or employer know that you are taking our CBD oil, and that it is a legal, non-psychoactive product.

We’re always happy to provide 3rd party lab results to show that our product is less than 0.3% THC.

I read that sublingual CBD can take affect within 20 minutes and last 2-3 hours.  How does that line up with dosage recommendations of once or twice a day? ie – how can I get all day relief if the effect wears off in 2-3 hours?

You’re welcome to take the oil as often as you feel is necessary to find the dosage that works best for you.

Some customers break up their dosage into smaller amounts every 2-3 hours, but it’s different for everyone and the effects that you are looking for.

The key with CBD is consistency, and the longer you consume the oil, the more benefits it will bring to the body. It functions much more like an herbal supplement or multi-vitamin than a prescription drug.

Is CBD a substance that has an accumulative affect, like taking it every day for X amount of days will produce all day relief from symptoms? If so, what is the expectation in terms of the number of days it will take to build up the accumulation?

Yes, the longer you take CBD, the more relief it can provide. Some people notice benefits within the first dosage and day, while others can take longer.

We find that most customers are able to determine their dosage and start to realize benefits within about the first week to first month.

Generally speaking, if someone takes the recommended dosage of NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil, what is the expectation for how long it will take to feel measurable relief from….

  1. Chronic pain
  2. Anxiety
  3. Sleep issues

It will be different for every individual.

I saw that NuLeaf Naturals offers CBD oil for pets, how many drops does my dog need?

With pets the dosage recommendation is 1-2 drops per 25 lbs, once to twice a day.

Following up on that one; how exactly should I administer CBD Oil to my pets?

You can use a dropper placing drops in the mouth or put CBD oil into their food, but you can also rub it along their gums (if they let you).


Can we buy NuLeaf Naturals on Amazon?

No, you cannot get NuLeaf Naturals on Amazon. They do not sell legitimate full spectrum CBD oil. Their selling guidelines do not actually allow cannabidiol.

There are some people who appreciate earthy flavors and some that do not.  What is your advice for the people who may not like the taste of pure hemp oil?

When our oil is taken sublingually, there should be little flavor achieved, and one can always eat or drink anything after consuming the oil.

However, flavor and scent are a very important part of digestion, because this is how the brain recognizes what is being consumed and it will activate the body in the best way to absorb the oil.

When the brain tastes hemp, it knows that this is a potent plant medicine and it prepares the body to absorb it in this way. When the brain tastes sugar or chocolate mint… it does not activate the body in the same way, and the CBD oil does not have the opportunity to be as effective.

Laura, I can’t thank you enough for your hard work and dedication, and most of all your patience with me as I continued to throw questions at you. This has been an incredible help for me as I start out with CBD Oil!

My pleasure, anytime. And for your readers – tell them they can get a 20% discount if they use your coupon code “ProReviews”, it isn’t case sensitive. I look forward to hearing from you all with questions or success stories, contact us anytime.

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